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At dub furniture the focus is on designing and manufacturing unique pieces of contemporary furniture, combining traditional construction techniques with the highest quality materials.

The use of long established skills and production methods guarantees a build quality which is durable and resilient. Each piece will last a lifetime and for generations to come.

When choosing materials the highest quality resourses are sought which add to the longevity of the objects. Environmental issues and any impact on the environment caused is also an important issue. Although timber is inherently one of the most ecologically friendly resources, it is necessary to remember the need for sustainable forests where trees are replaced as they are felled. The timber suppliers used manage their reserves responsibly and are members of initiatives such as forests forever and are FSC certified.

The nature of hand crafted furniture allows for the ability to asess each piece of timber individually in terms of shape, colour and grain pattern. This means that aesthetically, the timber can be selected to produce a comprehensive and cohesive result.

Having a small workshop means I am able to focus completely on one customer at a time. This allows for the client to be as involved as they like in the project. Workshop visits are welcome to see the piece in progress and customer contribution is encouraged. This relationship between the designer and client often leads to unexpected results and truly individual pieces. I always urge clients to be adventurous and to bring their own personality to projects. That personal touch results in a carefully, tenderly and sympathetically poduced article which should be piece of art, a functional sculpture reflecting the character of the user.

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